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Siena Prints by Catherine began “serving the people of God on the road” in the spring of 1998. It is a unique, inspirational, gift ministry which reaches the public through Arts and Crafts Shows.

It is an idea that found reality in the mind and heart of Sister Catherine Britton who, after retiring from her career as a secondary school teacher and administrator, searched for a creative way to continue her support of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis and their ministries. Several things came in to play that ultimately translated into the beginning of the Siena Prints Story. Continued support of the retired members of the congregation was a necessity; and helping the high school she served for so many years was a strong desire. A way with words, a flare for art, and some computer expertise were combined to provide the creative product that we have come to know as Siena Prints.

Shortly after beginning the venture, it was apparent that Convent Gift Shops do not exactly generate a lot of outside business, so there was an immediate concern about how to reach a wider audience with the designed products. A chance invitation to take part in a local craft show provided the answer. From one small show, the number has grown to 46 in the last year. We had found a way to get our message out. Instead of waiting for the people to come to us, we went out to the people.

Siena Prints is a community effort which is directed by Sister Catherine, who writes, designs and produces the framed prints and cards. She is assisted by Sister Shawn Lee who writes, sells and handles all of the business aspects and Sister Jeanne Noel Novak, who sells, ships, and manages the greeting card division.

These three sisters are assisted by more than thirty other members of the congregation and its associates. These volunteers help out with the set-up and take-down of our booths for the shows. Obviously, it takes a lot of involvement and coordination to “get a show on the road” and Siena Prints is a great way for other members of the community to help out when they can. Most of those who help with setup and take down have full-time jobs, but they make time for Siena Prints.

The production site for Siena Prints is located in our studio which is situated at Marymount Congregational Home at 12215 Granger Road in Garfield Heights, Ohio.
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The caring aspect of Siena Prints is what makes the business a ministry. Stories abound about the way in which our words have touched the hearts of those who purchase our prints and cards and those who receive them. People are often moved to tears as they read a card or a print that touches something deep in their soul. We have been blessed by the ways in which people have shared their life stories with us. Whether the topic is courage, family, friendship, marriage, anniversary, birthday, thank you, get well, inspiration, sympathy, or blessings, Siena Prints has something for every one and every occasion.

Siena Prints by Catherine is an inspirational and spiritual ministry of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Third Order of Saint Francis