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Sr. Catherine Britton is the both the founder and the creative energy behind Siena Prints by Catherine. After completing a long and successful career as a high school administrator, she turned her attention to acquiring the computer skills which would assist her in the development of this desktop publishing business. Having worked with the production of a high school newspaper and yearbook for many years, she brings a sharp eye for layout and design to this new venture. Her background as an English teacher enhanced her natural facility with words and their power to communicate hope and healing. She responds eagerly to requests for personalized one-of-a-kind prints and cards as they continue to challenge both her creative mind and technical ability.
Sr. Shawn Lee is the behind-the-scenes organizer who holds the project together by managing the financial matters and coordinating the efforts of the volunteers. She also does some of the writing for the greeting cards and for the special request prints. Together with Sr. Felicia Mann, she operates the second “road show.” The most creative part of her job is keeping Sr. Catherine organized! She currently serves as the president of Trinity High School, a co-educational high school sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis in Garfield Heights, Ohio.
Sr. Jeanne Noel Novak is in charge of inventory and all packing and shipping. When she retired from more than 40 years of service as a high school librarian, she transferred these excellent skills to this new venture. She has created a system of organization for the more than 600 cards and 175 prints as well as all of the related materials needed to stock and display all items in the Studio at Marymount Congregational Home as well as for the “road shows. She also manage the careful mailing of all orders.
Sr. Kenneth Bielski is the usual third member who helps keep show one on the road. She is especially good at setting up the tents for the summer shows. Sr. Kenneth has served as head of the Dietary Department at Marymount Congregational Home for many years and is herself known as an excellent cook and baker, besides being an efficient manager. For the past twenty years, she has been serving as the full- time heart and homemaker for the bishop and priests at the St. John Cathedral Rectory for the Diocese of Cleveland, Ohio.
Sr. Felicia Mann forms the second half of the team for Show 2 and is an avid salesperson. She has spent many years as an elementary school teacher, principal, and religious education director. She has masters degrees in Administration and Counselling and served a term as the congregation’s Director of Retirement. In 1992, she founded the Marymount Child Care Center at Marymount Congregational Home and currently continues to serve as its director.
Sr. Dominica Fick is one of the “angels” who has taken up the creation of wooden angels as her retirement project. After a long career as an elementary school teacher and principal, Sr. Dominica spent eighteen years as the Director of Management Services at Marymount Congregational Home. She retired from this position in the 2001 in order to devote her time more fully to the painting and decorating of eight inch wooden angels with banners for celebrating various occasions. She also assists in the set-up and take-down of many of the shows and, together with Sr. Esther has the responsibility for keeping Show 3 on the road.
Sr. Esther Romalke is another “angel” who has chosen to make the creation of angels her special retirement project. Sr. Esther spent many years as a teacher and principal in schools in the Wisconsin area. She also served as the Director of Management Services at St. Joseph Congregational Home in Stevens Point Wisconsin for nearly twenty years. When she retired the first time, she took on the position of Coordinator for the Sisters at Marymount Congregational Home in Garfield Heights, Ohio, a position that she held from 1994 until her second retirement in 2001. Sr. Esther helps in the creation of the wooden angels, and is especially good at hair design. Together with Sr. Dominica, she assists in the set-up and take-down of many of the shows and also manages to help keep Show 3 in operation.
Siena Prints by Catherine is an inspirational and spiritual ministry of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Third Order of Saint Francis